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Hi! I'm Alex.

At work... 

I'm currently a Program Manager on the Office Graphics and Visualizations team at Microsoft.

I'm fascinated by technical solutions, and how those solutions can make life better. I have a degree in Software Engineering & Computer Science and I love getting into the technical details, but I also enjoy bubbling those details back up and into an awesome user experience that solves a problem.

Outside of work... 

I'm a nerd. Just sayin'. Board games. Video games ('Xbox, go to Titanfall'). Side projects (C#, XAML, and JavaScript, usually).

And, like a good Seattleite, I try to be outside whenever it's sunny (and sometimes when it's rainy). Turns out running's a good way to do that, and we have awesome parks to run in.

Finally, I'm a proud alumnus of Rose-Hulman. Go Fightin' Engineers!


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